The Biography of Author Frank Viola

frank viola author

Frank Viola author has accomplished much during his writing career. He has earned acclaim, and garnered praise from readers, critics, and theological peers alike.

Even though his first book, The Untold Story of the New Testament Church, was published in 2005, he was heavily involved in writing from the 1980’s onward. As a public school teacher in the 1990’s, the future author Frank Viola would often share what he was learning about by writing tracts that were notably in the style of those by Last Days Ministries.

These tracts would contain lots of advanced knowledge on a variety of subjects. During this time, his main influences were T. Austin-Sparks and Watchman Nee. Using a typewriter, he would get his tracts printed at a local print shop.

Frank Viola author increased his output when he was tasked with hosting a bulletin board discussion group. In the near past, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter did not exist, and so this bulletin board was used to connect all sorts of people through common discussion.

Once every two weeks, Mr. Viola would author an article exploring ecclesiology, the theological study of the Christian Church. Once the article was posted, people would respond to it during the week with their thoughts and questions. During this period of bulletin board discussion, the articles that Viola authored were offshoots of his explorations of a simpler church.

Viola is also a voracious reader, and his personal library has amassed over 2,000 titles on church history, biblical commentary, and spiritual growth. Though he did not attend seminary or a formal bible school, he has learned from the best theologians from the past, through their written work, and from the present, through discussion and conversation.

Since 2005, when he was first published by Destiny Image, Frank Viola has authored over 10 titles through a number of publishers, including Thomas Nelson, Tyndale, David C. Cook, Zondervan, and Baker House.

A unique aspect of Frank Viola’s mission is that his literary work and output ministry is integral to his ministry. Outside of the publishing world, Frank Viola writes regularly on two blogs, Beyond Evangelical and Patheos. His blogging expounds on many of the themes written about in his published work.

Frank Viola, author, has enjoyed success throughout his writing career, and as of 2014, he has been featured on six bestseller lists, including CBA, Amazon, and Salisbury.

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